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5 Responses to “The Health Corner”

  1. Kim Austin Says:

    I am a proud Navy wife who with another Navy wife found friendship at our local gym. We both had completed a journey of our own of each losing a tremendous amount of weight. Our friendship continued after my friend(Amy Perez) moved away and through our keeping contact via telephone we decided to put our knowledge, education and experience into helping others to become more fit and healthy! We started our Custom Online Fitness/Nutrition business ( and are proud to say many of our clientele are military spouses!

  2. Marie Says:

    This is great and we would love to link you! I hope that you can help motivate our girls on here!!

  3. Kim Austin Says:

    Link Us! Sounds great! Hopefully more Navy wives and moms will find that taking the time for yourself to eat healthier, and exercise will make not only deployment time more stress free, but hubby time more enjoyable too! here’s to better health and supporting one another in unlocking the butterflies we all are hiding in our own cocoons!

  4. Kim Austin Says:

    Just have to say I am thrilled to be coming Saturday Night! Being able to not only talk about my great love( but knowing I am about to meet new friends is very exciting! I look forward to what is ahead after Saturday Night! Thanks Marie and Wendy for starting such a wonderful site! I wish you both success!

  5. Amy Perez Says:

    I wish I could be there with Kim. I know you will represent us well.
    Kim and I are so excited to have found this website. It is so wonderful to have a place to come for support!

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