Underway 101

1.) Remember to breathe
2.) Seriously, if you cry too hard and have breathing issues, it’s just not a good thing! You have to stop crying ;)

3.)Keep a daily journal. Especially if you have children! Write the cute things they say/do down. You will forget things over time, and you want to be able to share these things with your husband.

4.) Keep an on going letter for your husband (can use the journal for this too!). Mail drops can happen at any given time with as little notice as three hours (yes it happened!). If you write a little at a time each day or every few days, you will have a great letter ready to go for that last minute mail drop!

5.)DON’T watch the boat leave!! You are asking for a good cry! There is nothing worse than standing on a pier watching your husbands sub go out into the open sea! This is just stupid and most likely be followed with “unhappy feelings”. -DUH-

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