Well, I’ve been a mommy for almost two weeks now. I’ve had my ups and downs; tears of frustration, tears of raging hormones and tears of wanting to be able to help my baby but can’t. But, I must say that it has been the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced.

  Never have I worked so hard for something so small. Never have I loved something that is so small so much. Never have I fallen in love with anyone as quickly as I have after Tristyn was born. Never have I worried so much about the health, safety and well being of anyone. Never have I longed or ached to hold something as I have for my baby. Never have I felt so much joy, affection, excitement as I have the past few days.

  I feel so blessed to have the oppertunity to be a mom. It has been hard to adjust to having a baby. What used to take ten minutes now takes thirty, what used to take an hour now takes three. It is a struggle to get out of the house before 12pm unless we are up at 6am. It has been such an adventure though and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

  As I promised, pictures are here!! I wasn’t sure how to post them, but now I do… THANKS WENDY! I tried before but I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. Sorry my posts have been overdue, the adjustment process has been difficult. Babies don’t come with owners manuals nor do you have to pass a test before you take one home. YIKES!!!