I’m still recovering from our wonderful Sat. night event, Operation Dinner Out. This experience was amazing on many levels. I just had to get on here and thank a few key people who without their help, I would have been in a deep mess.

(I plan on writing more highlights in the next few days, once I catch up on my sleep and Im not on the road anymore.)

An event like this takes a team of volunteers to selflessly give their time and energy for a cause greater than themselves. Our goal was to make all the ladies in attendance feel appreciated for all their sacrifices they experience in support of their husbands duty to protect and defend this great nation of ours.

Coming in from TN and needing on-site help, I asked two individuals to assist with the evening. Tammy from Mayport and Megan from Kings Bay (who writes on this blog). Now these are women who I had never met in person only via the “internet” and “phone calls”. They handled the registration desk and stuffing of our bags among other things. They were amazing and I am SO thankful for their help! Toby who managed to take my .jpg files and turn them into usable art work. Our wonderful AV guys from the hotel staff who set up our wireless microphone. We had planned a DJ and had a video presentation with Navy Wife Radio highlights, but our production company ran into an emergency the day of the event and we were forced to do what will mil-spouses do best. “Adapt and Overcome”. The heavy rain caused late arrivals and we made the decision to delay the start of our program. Thank you to all of you who were patient with us.

It goes without saying Marie, we had so much fun hosting the night for you. Its important to note she took the day to spend preparing and enjoying time with all of you just days before her husband will be gone at school for six weeks. Marie among other things (receiving and storing tons of boxes), spent hours emailing and making phone calls promoting the event and even handed out flyers on the soccer field. Now the women on her boat “know who she is” , “She’s Marie on Navy Wife Radio??!”. We both (believe it or not) tend to be private people. This was our first “event” where we stepped from out of the shadows of “internet radio” to LIVE and in person. It was a HUGE step for both of us and Im thankful we were received in such a warm way.

Meeting all of you in person was a bit overwhelming, exciting and so much FUN! Thanks to some great email blasts from the local bases and organizations, we had women in attendance who had never listened to one of our shows or even been on our website. How exciting!

We learned a lot during the process of planning this event. Through your comment cards we learned what you loved and how we can improve. We will take all your suggestions to make our next event even better!

I had so many of you come up to me and tell me you had a wonderful time, had a fabulous dinner and really enjoyed Sarah. I had TONS of hugs and I met the sweetest brand new Navy wife who singled me out to tell me this was her FIRST wives functions and that she was go glad she came! ….and with that, I’ll call the night a success!

I’d love to hear about your experience! Please send me an email to wendy(AT)navywiferadio.com or leave me a comment! Oh…..and please ladies send me your photos!!