We are in the countdown phase to the DH’s deployment. Here on the blog we don’t discuss boat movements , so nothing is written is real time about the days before a deployment. The buildup, the shopping of last minute items, the anxiety, and the influx of family members who arrive to spend that last bit of time with you and your Sailor…etc.

Since this deployment is not boat related, I have the luxury of writing about it here and sharing a bit of my thoughts.

Soon DH will be leaving for his IA to Afghanistan. First in the stop is Norfolk for a few days, then South Carolina for training and then finally over to Kuwait for more training before arriving in country.

Earlier I posted a story about the USS Key West just returning home from a 7 month deployment. I keep telling myself the next 13 months will be like one 6 month and one 7 month deployment. That sounds much better doesn’t it?

My posts here have not been as often as I have had house guests this week and as luck would have it a few urgent work projects that needed some attention. With all of that now completed we have the long weekend together to just hang out. House projects are done, we have had friends and neighbors over for dinner for the “goodbye” parties and have done all the “deployment” shopping.

The biggest difference in preparing for this deployment is the lack of connection with other wives who will be leaving with my husband. I really didn’t think much of it until about the last month. About a week ago Sarah Smiley was on the show and she said something that really hit me. We were talking about the benefits of spouse groups / family readiness groups and her thoughts were….”no body understands what you are going through like your spouse club, not a spouse club, or not another spouse, but your spouse club because they are ones that are in it the same time as you are”.

When DH did his check out with his command he came home with two business cards. His civilian boss and his military boss. It’s hard for me to believe that after five years of this GWOT there isn’t something set up that connects IA families together on a command level and not just a 800# to call, a website to visit or your DH’s boss’ #.

Maybe I should I call the bosses and see if they want to have coffee?! I would love to give them an earful.

Is your DH on an IA? What has your experience been with his command? Send me an email and sound off at wendy(at)submarinewife.com

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