As a first time soon to be mother, I wasn’t really sure as to what to expect when it comes to being pregnant and what that entails. I’ve read books that help prepare you for what to expect… but none of them ever prepared me for those embarrassing moments pregnant women encounter. So, for a laugh (maybe) I share with you my embarrassing pregnancy stories!


For instance… no one ever tells you how uncomfortable it is to hold 32 ounces of water in a bladder that is already being squished by other fluid and a baby. I’ve had two ultrasounds in which I waddled into the office holding my stomach (looking as though I’m going into labor) and patiently waited to have the ultrasound done with a bladder which threatened to burst like Niagara Falls. I held all that water for nothing because each time I was told that it wasn’t necessary to have a full bladder! Now why on earth can’t they edit the paper that states: MUST DRINK 32 OZ OF WATER, 1 HOUR PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT WITHOUT USING THE BATHROOM.


No one ever told me that when you sneeze… you might just wind up peeing your pants. I knew that there would be added pressure to the bladder but never knew that sneezing or coughing or laughing would induce a little bladder leakage. I guess that’s why it is always handy to keep a spare change of underwear or a panty liner with you at all times.


I also never knew that trying to give a urine sample at the doctor’s office would be so difficult the further along the pregnancy got. I usually schedule my appointments for later in the afternoon so I have an adequate amount of time to drink plenty of fluids in order to pee on command. One appointment I wasn’t so lucky and wound up with a 10am appointment. I made sure I had drunk more than enough water in order to use the bathroom but when the time came… my bladder froze up like the North Pole and nothing would come out. I finally relaxed a tad and was lucky enough to get a little trickle except that the trickle didn’t come straight down. I tried maneuvering the specimen cup around in order to catch something but had no such luck. Then out of nowhere I was able to produce a full stream which ended up landing mostly on my hand. Needless to say it wasn’t a successful bathroom trip.


People don’t like to tell you that things happen to your body that you never imagined would ever happen. I am rather modest and don’t like flashing my junk but when you get pregnant that seems to disappear! I had a skin tag appear and didn’t think much of it until it became uncomfortable and bothersome which drove me to ask one of my four OB doctors about it. The next thing I know I’m getting half naked with my husband sitting in a chair and the doctor getting one of those light scopes to examine it. After he said it was nothing to worry about, I went about the next couple of weeks not worrying about it until it started growing and turning colors! So at my next appointment the nurse asked me if I had any concerns that needed to be shared with the doctor and I told her about the skin tag. Yet again I found myself taking some clothes off in order for her to look at it! The first couple of times I was rather embarrassed about it but when I had it removed I wasn’t phased in the least!


My husband and I recently went back to Colorado for a visit with family and friends. I had decided to dress comfortably in a pair of gacho pants and a t-shirt. During the day I kept feeling the pants stretch out more and more as I had to make frequent trips to the ladies room but figured they wouldn’t slip off so it was no big deal. We had eaten a big so I really wasn’t concerned about trying to keep them up and again figured they’d stay up on their own. At my parent’s house, we had dinner on the patio and had to cart food out to the table. On the last trip out my mom and husband were in front of me and my dad followed a couple feet behind me. The next thing I know my pants begin to fall down so I begin to lean back and stick out my belly in order to try and keep them up. I had no such luck… I ended up mooning my dad when my pants fell down!

I’m about 32 weeks along and know there is much more to encounter than what I’ve dealt with. Anyone who can share in my embarrassment and has a story to share, please do! What’s a pregnancy without a couple of laughs and some embarrassing moments!