I’m not the formal type; I’m rather outgoing and am the kind of person to strike up a conversation without a formal handshake and introduction. So, without further ado, a little about me, myself and I.


I grew up in a small town in Colorado in which most of my family resided. I had dreams and ambitions of moving away for college and becoming an architect and eventually getting married once I got myself established in the architectural world. I never really had any family members that served in the military, everyone who had served had long since gotten out of the military before I was thought of… so the thought of being involved in the military was far from my mind.


I’ve been in the military scene since I was a whopping 16 years old when I started dating the teenage rebel who I now call my husband. I am one of those milspouses that was married to her military man at the ripe old age of 18, young…yes, ready… not completely, but then again who is ready to become a milspouse. I stuck by my man through basic training, sub school and his first boat experience before we were married. It wasn’t the easiest by any means, but I’ve learned so much and have matured ten fold compared to my classmates that I graduated with.


When we were first married, we lived in what I like to now refer to as “the ghetto.” My dear hubby would go out on underways for months at a time leaving me to get to know the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. I’m not a person who likes to deal with bugs or creepy crawly things so many a nights I would scream my head off and cry because I had to ward of cockroaches that would visit from our neighbor’s house on a daily basis. I dealt with many frustrating days with no e-mail during underways and would go weeks on end without seeing anything in my inbox from my husband. I also dealt with problems the boat would encounter… mechanically. We would prepare ourselves the night before the boat was supposed to be leaving and then the next evening I’d get a phone call from my husband asking me to pick him up because something had broken. From all those experiences, I like to refer to it as the USS Breaks-A-Lot.


We’ve just come off a deployment so I like to say that I’ve experienced that as well. People ask me how I kept busy and what I did to keep my mind of off him being gone. School kept me busy for a while until it ended and then I busied myself with training to be a lifeguard and then working for an apartment community in Hampton Roads. Luckily the people who worked and lived there took me under their wing and became a family away from family which helped me through the long days. I also tried to make it to most every FSG meeting so that I’d get any information that was available about the boat and deployment. During the meetings I was able to laugh, share and get to know some ladies through FSG. The ladies I met will always have a place in my life and I will always treasure them as friends… so ladies, despite all the rumors and bad mouthing that FSG gets, give it a chance and keep an open mind about it.


We found out about seven months ago that we are expecting a baby. I’m a bag of nerves about becoming a mother not to mention a milspouse mother. I count my blessings that I’ll have my husband by my side when the baby comes so I can’t complain too much. Anyways, because we found out we were pregnant; we decided that I’d make the move that was taking place with the boat. We moved to Small Town, USA where the commissary is a meager five aisles and the NEX is the uniform shop, package store and sparse everyday items store all crammed into less than 1,000 square feet. Needless to say it is quite a change from the Hampton Roads area. We are also experiencing our first ever military housing situation. It’s not as bad as it could be but it is definitely no luxury.


So, this is me in a nutshell! I’m simply a normal, everyday wife of an enlisted sailor trying to blindly figure out my way through the military lifestyle. So anyone new to the military scene… don’t give up and always keep an open mind. Being a milspouse is one big adventure!