Billy Blanks

Here are some news links that I thought would get us ready for his arrival!

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Fitness Phenom Billy Blanks to Teach TAE BO® to Troops in Korea

‘Spirit and Body Tour’ Stops at Camp Liberty

Fitness guru puts his money back on the street

Boot Camp & TAE BO

From Wendy’s Blog – Location San Diego SpouseBUZZ conference  May 07

…..Before long it was time to start with the speakers.  Tara gave an introduction to Kathie and Holly the Keynote speakers.  She mentioned highlights from the morning sessions and also getting emotional a lot ….during the Colors and during the second panel.  I think we all did.  The keynote speakers took the stage and had everyone exercising to get loosened up.  After about 10 min. there was a rustling in the room, Billy Blanks had come from downstairs to meet all these women once he learned Military Spouses were in the building.  He gave an impromptu 5 min. heartfelt message to all the women.  It was very encouraging and inspiring.  He said many things that included he was on his way back to Iraq for a 4th time as part of a visit to the troops.  That he loves going and loves the military.  He also said, “It was a honor to be in the room”.  How cool!  He also said, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and everything I have is because of Him.  Again…how cool!  He sure didn’t have to make time to come and visit with us, I am so glad he did.  As you might expect it turned into a mini Billy Blanks infomercial “Billy Blanks! (a girl raising her hand up high), I have your tapes and I lost 20 lbs since my husband has been deployed.  I just love you!”  He was so gracious and as he walked towards the back of the room a swarm of women followed him.  He was there until every last person who wanted a photo got one, shook hands, signed pieces of paper…..he listened to these women and really seemed to have a genuine connection with them.  There was the group of very young Submarine wives that I met / cornered me earlier in the day getting their picture with him.  I told them to email me the photo, I sure hope they don’t forget.  The keynote speakers were continuing with their presentation and really rolled with this unexpected surprise.  

Kathy and Holly, here is your “official” invitation to call in on Tuesday during our interview with Billy Blanks!  🙂