Update: Third Day’s Brad Avery and Scott Thomas will visit Navy Wife Radio LIVE! on August 7th! (Time TBA)
Brad Avery, of GRAMMY- winning and multi-Platinum-certified Christian rock band Third Day, has co-penned “Thank You,” a song that expresses gratitude to the troops for their sacrifice.

You can download the song and all proceeds go to wounded troops and their families.

The song has been selected by “A Million Thanks” as their official theme song. As you might recall Shauna Fleming, the founder, was a guest on Navy Wife Radio back in May.

The song was inspired by a soldier who Scott Thomas (co-writer) met at the airport. The soldier was departing for Fallujah after a two week visit with his family in the U.S. After a moving conversation, Scott felt led to reach out in some way. Wanting to do something positive with all the negative news coverage of the war, he and his good friend, Brad Avery, put their thoughts and feelings to music.

“We also hope to invite others to express their thanks verbally and through random acts of kindness to soldiers and their families,” shares Avery.

Although they use the word “soldiers”, “Thank You” could be said for all troops with boots on ground and in support of the GWOT.

Be sure to take a listen and download the song.


From their myspace page:
“Scott and I really wanted to write something that would encourage the veterans, troops and their families. We are sooo grateful for their continued sacrifice….”

We are working on getting Brad and Scott on Navy Wife Radio for an interview. We’ll keep you posted on that front!