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blog radioOK Ladies, the wait is over!!  We just recorded our very first radio broadcast. . .sorta. lol  This is just a “trial” run, but we decided not to wait until we had a perfect show.  We want to share this with all of you so that you can see us as ourselves and our mistakes! lol  We learned a lot from this “test show“!!  First we learned that neither one of us can tell time!  There is about 20-30 seconds of dead air when you push play, then we ran “OVER” on time at the end!  I guess we were trying to make up for the dead air when we began! lol  Next we learned that Wendy’s phone volume wasn’t turned up and Marie’s volume was turned all the way up.  This caused Wendy to sound as if she was in a far away land and Marie to be in an echoing cave. . .we apologize and we’ll fix that!  We also only talked about some basic things just to see how we sounded.  Our future shows will be much better!  We promise!! lol  We will have some guest speakers, interviews, and we will talk about the most current activities on submarinewife.com.  So download us to your ipod for that treadmill time you do and/or listen to us on-line as you go about your day at home or work.  Please let us know what you thought of our first show and what YOU want to hear us talk about!  Just please remember that this was our first try, so be gentle!!  ;)

Our next show will be Monday, April 23, 2007….time to be announced.  So send us your topics and questions asap!!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Wendy and Marie

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