elmo.jpgSesame Street Video focuses on Deployment issues and is Free for military members.

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From military.com

The Sesame Street Special “When Parents are Deployed” will be re-broadcast April 9, 2007 on PBS stations across the country. This primetime special, hosted by Cuba Gooding, Jr., reveals candid and intimate moments with the parents, caregivers and children impacted by deployment. For more information check your local television listings or you can download the program at the Sesame Workshop website. DVDs and print packages in English and Spanish are available to military parents at no cost through the Military OneSource website to help military families and children cope with the various phases of deployment.

If you are thinking about ordering the DVD, I went ahead and ordered a copy via the OneSource website and it was pretty easy, less that 3 min. to complete the process.    The concept is great and Im sure lots of families will benefit from this!